Pumpage Fee Information

Updated Pricing Policy

Resolution Approving CIP – 2019-2020

Groundwater – $3.40/1,000 gallons and
Surface Water – $3.85/1,000 gallons

Effective April 1, 2019 the new rates will be:

Groundwater – $3.85/1,000 gallons and
Surface Water – $4.30/1,000 gallons

2019 Pumpage and Billing Form

2018 Pumpage and Billing Form

2017 Pumpage and Billing Form

We are currently updating the Authority’s Drought Contingency Plan.

Click here for the Drought Contingency Plan – Adopted 7-1-2013

How we started and where we plan to go

Al Rendl takes viewers on an 11 minute journey through the past, present and future of the NHCRWA. The video will be used in Authority outreach and education programs and is available to MUDs to embed on their websites.